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Is Your Community Financially Savvy?

Full-Service Programming

Financial Beginnings currently offers full-service programming in Oregon and Washington.

Financial Beginnings mails all printed curriculum and supplemental materials to schools and community groups that schedule programming. Trained volunteers from various financial sectors who teach program lessons are also provided.

Contact Financial Beginnings Oregon or Washington today to schedule full-service programming.

Soon-to-Launch Affiliates

Full-service programming coming soon!

Financial Beginnings is excited to announce that founding teams are in place in California and Nebraska. If you are interested in joining one of these teams as a founding board member, community champion, or volunteer, contact us today!

We are currently seeking investors to help establish operations. Several sponsorship levels, including exclusive launch initiative opportunities are still available for California and Nebraska.

Limited-Service Programming

Financial Beginnings programming is offered in limited capacities in western Idaho and the Kansas City MO/KS metros. Contact us to verify volunteers in your area are available to deliver programming to your class or community group.

Download Programming Materials

All Financial Beginnings curricula are available for download. Curricula include participant guides, presenter guides, activities, presentation decks, and more! These materials are the same as those used by our trained financial professional volunteers in full-service and limited-service affiliate states.

Assemble a Founding Affiliate Team

We are guided by our mission to empower youth and adults to take control of their financial futures.

But empowerment should not be limited to just a few regions across the country. We wish to expand the Financial Beginnings footprint to states not yet served by our full-service programming.

Establishing a new, untested nonprofit organization brings with it the same risks and obstacles as launching any other business. To help new affiliates minimize start-up costs and losses, Financial Beginnings provides fully developed and refined programming, technological infrastructure, and operational support, allowing founding teams to hit the ground running and serve communities more quickly and effectively.

To learn more about how you can help launch an affiliate in your state, register for one of our scheduled affiliate interest calls today!

"This program helped me set career and life goals." - Student Participant